French Patio Doors

  • A Simple way of opening up your home to your Garden
  • All Products measured to a high Standard to Guarantee a high quality fit
  • All SecuritySystems supplied to British Standards
  • Traditional Goergian styles available also
  • Products manufactured to stand the test of time – Lifetime warranty

Why French Doors

Why are Total Home french doors your best choice?
  • Selection of uPVC & Aluminium
  • Option for triple Glazing on uPVC doors - This gives your home up to 40% increase on energy efficiency on all products
  • Full Lifetime Warranty Guaranteed on all white uPVC doors – This gives you our promise on no discolouration and quality as all french doors come with standard all – inclusive guarantees
  • High – Grade security - All of our specifications include strengthened glass, security hinges, hook bolts and multi point locking systems to give you complete security in all areas of your home
  • Various styles and colours to choose from - This gives you the opportunity to personalize all aspects of your French doors
  • Completely Energy Efficient - We use the latest science in uPVC to ensure your home is temperate and cosy to be in at all times
  • High Quality Measurements for an Excellent fit - We ensure all suppliers and fitters complete work to the highest of standards, using special materials on the outer edge of the doors for a tidier and clean finish

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French Patio Doors

Better Heat Retention & Less Noise

Our doors are manufactured and fitted by Specialists in UPVC and Aluminium that are designed to keep noise reduction at a level were your home stays quiet and pleasant in all areas.

Georgian Bars

Add a traditional feature to your French Doors, with our choice of Georgian Bars which can be fitted on the internal area of the glass to be easily washed or added to the outer of the windows to add a more authentic touch. These are available for UPVc French Doors

Triple Glazing

You can increase heat retention on UPVC French doors with our specialized triple glazing option, making your home Up to 40% more energy efficient than double glazing options

Improved Security systems

Our French style doors all come fitted with strengthened safety glass, security hinges and hook bolts along with a multi point locking system to make sure your property is tightly secured at all times of the year

Life time Warranty

We give a promise with all our our white uPVC French doors that discolouration will not happen and all products will stay fresh and vibrant as they are covered by our all inclusive quality guarantee

Planning Your Project

Where To Start

Thinking about installing windows or patio doors? We are here to help. You may be finding many options as you research what’s out there.

Who’s Involved

The process of buying and installing windows and doors goes more smoothly when you work with professionals. They will help ensure you order the right products, properly sized to fit flawlessly.

What To Expect

Now that you have chosen your new windows and doors, it’s time to begin installation. When you work with us, you can expect a professional job.


Planning to install new windows? These tips serve as a guide to help think through each step of the project planning process.


Windows and doors are costly though; most homeowners will replace their old windows and doors once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

Post Project

Congratulations on your new windows and doors! You have accomplished a significant project that adds value and enjoyment to your home.

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