Fascia & Guttering

Why Total Home Fascia & Guttering

Total Home supply and fit all aspects of Fascia & Guttering , for example, fascia boards, barge boards, soffit, guttering and downpipes, with up to a 50-year colourfast guarantee and 10-year insurance backed guarantee. “Peace of mind” is at the heart of our ethos. Should anything not be up to our usual high standard you don’t have to be concerned as we are always at hand. We have a fast and clean fitting team, so no need to worry about messy plastic getting around your home. Based here in Belfast, we are local and cover most of Northern Ireland.

Just think, you’ll never have to go up a ladder again to paint your Fascia board! No worries about your fascia rotting as it is plastic and doesn’t rot easily. Plus, with lots of colours to choose from and wood grain effects too, you can have either the perfect traditional or modern look. It’s almost maintenance free!

Why should you upgrade?

If you choose to replace your old wooden or timber roofline to an upgraded uPVC setup, you are sure to keep ahead of rot and be maintenance free with no annual painting. uPVC Fascia that Total Home use is designed to be used in the exact same way the timber roofline is, taking away all associated issues. By upgrading to an uPVC version, you are protecting your property from water ingress. As a home owner you intuitively know the importance of having a water tight home.

Total Home NI offer you an astonishing 50 years/lifetime guarantee on all White uPVC roofline products.  This is in addition to our 10-year guarantee which comes as standard covering all our roofline range. This guarantee is available on all our roofline systems i.e. fascia, soffit and guttering.

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Advantages of Total Home Fascia & Guttering

What Styles?

Our range of PVC is stocked here at our factory locally in Belfast in a vast range from flat, square, bull nose or ogee fascia profiles. They come in various sizes ranging from 150 to 605mm in depth and typically come in lengths of 5 metres. We also replace the felt as part of your upgrade.  Alternatively, if your current timber is in good shape, it can be capped over using uPVC fascia & soffit. We also provide you with a full fascia replacement service. This can be determined after one our surveyors completes an accurate evaluation of your current setup.

What Colours?

Traditionally most people chose to opt for a roofline in white colour including fascia, soffit and guttering as it has kind of been the norm. While driving along the road if you happen to notice properties around the areas you could try count the houses with a coloured fascia setup. A lot of people will stay with the conventional white as that’s what the neighbours’ was/is. However, we’re finding more people are looking to personalise their home by giving it a splash of colour to bring their personality to the house which is fantastic! We think adding a little colour can improve the image of any property and brighten up the overall appearance.

What is Fascia?

The best way to describe Fascia Boards would be, any vertical facing surface which stretches around the top of the house or building just below where the roof starts. The fascia is normally used to fix the guttering to flow the rainwater away. The prime reason for having fascia is to attach the guttering to it, as well as having a decorative effect on any property.  Using uPVC means next to no maintenance.  Fascia is straight boards that usually come in 5 metre lengths running adjacent to the roof.  It is fixed directly onto the Trusses of a roof which helps in supporting the bottom edge of the roof and helps to keep the bottom row of tiles in place. Deciding on a new or replacement roofline upgrade can be a task in itself as there are so many variations with a huge range of styles, sizes, and colours on offer.  It can be difficult to make a decision on what is needed for your property. With our team of designers we can help you every step of the way with a free roofline product demonstration.

What is Soffit?

Soffit is the board that is neatly tucked under the fascia. This is the board you will see most of, from ground level looking up and can be fitted with spotlights or any lighting for that matter.  Soffit can also be used to ventilate the flow of air through the roofing region. Normally the ventilation will be directed over the fascia boards as this would be the most preferred option in modern buildings. Ventilation is extremely important as condensation can manifest and destroy timber.

What is guttering and downpipes?

Guttering will prevent water soaking into the fabrics of a property; it does this by collecting and directing rain water away from your house. It is important that water doesn’t soak into the walls or foundations of a building. By preventing this you reduce the risk of breeding mould or rot into wooden joists or trusses. Downpipes are actually connected to the guttering at a property, though depending on the run set. With the downpipes connected to the guttering, this channels the water down to a storm drain where the water is discharged safely away from your home.

Gutters and downspouts also come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. Half round and k-style are the most popular, with white, grey and black being hugely favoured among our customers though various traditional wood effects i.e mahogany and light oak also being popular.

What is Dry Verge?

If your property has a gable end or the property is of a certain age, you will most likely have what is called a “wet verge”.  This wet verge refers to the outer end of the roof that meets between the tiles and barge boards (fascia). Commonly this edge is filled in with mortar (cement) often a die is added to the mortar to tie in with the colour of the roofline.

This is to prevent birds from nesting on the roof which is also to prevent water ingress soaking through to the roof itself. With our dry verge, this is essentially a plastic capping; the main benefits to using this is,  zero maintenance if installed correctly as the mortar from a traditional verge which can fall with age. Dry verge uses interlocking end caps to fit over the roof from the tile to the barge boards.  Dry verge is extremely effective, durable and now the more preferred method.

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