Aluminium Windows

  • Thin frames provide a contemporary look  
  • Tough & Durable
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Marine grade
  • High Security

Why Aluminium Windows

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Advantages of Aluminium Windows

Easy to Keep Clean

Aluminium doesn’t rot, rust, peel or flake so its perfect for the person who likes an easy life, you can even select self-cleaning glass making sure that your windows look amazing all year round.

Our Aluminium windows are a great investment that improve the energy efficiency of your home which will save you money on your home heating bills.

Tough & Long Lasting

Our Aluminium windows surpass British Standard tests for weather corrosion and are marine grade which is perfect for coastal properties. It does not expand or contract in extreme conditions making it a draught free window, improving the energy efficiency of your home.

They also surpass British Standard tests for security, each is fitted with a multi-point locking system with internal beading and a locking vent.


Aluminium window frames are more narrow and slick than other materials and can add a modern look to your property. They have less frame showing which increases the amount of natural light reaching your living area and allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted view through your window.

We can any do almost any colour with the added option of dual colouring, this allows you to have one colour on the outside and a different colour on the inside.

Planning Your Project

Where To Start

Thinking about installing windows or patio doors? We are here to help. You may be finding many options as you research what’s out there.

Who’s Involved

The process of buying and installing windows and doors goes more smoothly when you work with professionals. They will help ensure you order the right products, properly sized to fit flawlessly.

What To Expect

Now that you have chosen your new windows and doors, it’s time to begin installation. When you work with us, you can expect a professional job.


Planning to install new windows? These tips serve as a guide to help think through each step of the project planning process.


Windows and doors are costly though; most homeowners will replace their old windows and doors once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

Post Project

Congratulations on your new windows and doors! You have accomplished a significant project that adds value and enjoyment to your home.

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