Casement Windows

  • Last a lifetime, along with life time guarantees
  • Styles, colours, designs for conservation
  • Super Thermally stable
  • High security standards that meets all criteria

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are the most popular uPVC frames in Northern Ireland.  With a timeless classic design it can add value to your property when replacing old wooden Double glazing from a traditional or modern property.  Each of our casement windows are individually designed and tailored to you the customer.  Our Casement frames are specially crafted by highly skilled and equipped craftsmen at our factory in Belfast. This window can come in any colour, style or size with security and heating at the forefront. Click here to learn more about Total Homes' guarantee

Reasons for going with Casement Windows?

  • Best of quality sourced timber - Softwood and hardwood which can be stained or painted
  • More secure - Our windows have inside security beads to improve home security going by the standards, Multi-point lock making it very secure.
  • Traditional framing options - Gives you the option of sight-lines for a nice finished look.
  • Light with sturdy aluminium frames - As an option for smaller windows
  • Top of the range timber - Softwood and hardwood options available exclusively, which can be brightened up with paint or stained
  • Priority to complete a perfect fit - Our priority is the customer, make a neat finished edge with no gaps etc to give it a lovely finish.

Explore Casement Windows by Material...

Casement Windows


Updated glass technology brings heat back in the room. Plus, an Argon filled gap in-between the panes, double anti draught seals and a unique multi-chamber profile will keep your home warm.


The top range of our glass and innovation of our designs guarantees that noise pollution is kept out, with outside noise reduced by as much as 35 decibels.


The casement windows we supply are among the most secure that there is about, and significantly exceed by a mile the level of security demanded by Standards.

Georgian Bars

Have a modern look by opting for Georgian bars, which can either sit between your glass panes for easy cleaning or externally for a touch of class.

Triple Glazing

Have extra comfort inside your property with our new warmest ever triple glazing windows, boasting an unprecedented energy top rating.

Window Framing

Make a statement of tidy and cleanness to any passer-by at your property by ensuring your windows look balanced in their own right with traditional window framing.

Smooth Weld

Opt for our new smooth weld technology to ensure near invisible joints in the corners of your windows, it complements our beautiful window designs

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